Let’s Make a Weekend Plan

What types of green spaces or outdoor experiences matter to you most? Parks, trails, kids’ play…we want to hear what you envision for your neighbourhood.

Let’s Make a Date Night Plan

What are the shops, services and amenities you are looking for? Tell us what you need most for your wellness, weekend and everyday.

Let’s Make a Connected Plan

Let’s create a plan for your journey together. From cycling routes to walking paths, share with us the types of pathways or transportation enhancements needed most.

Let’s Make a Design Plan

What design principles are most important to you? If there are architectural elements or housing types you would like to see, tell us! Share an idea or leave a comment.

Let’s Make A Green Plan

Sustainability is a key component of the plan. Are there sustainable development measures or standards you would like to see? We want to hear from you.

A Virtual Open House

Join us for the culminating event to Open House #2 with a virtual presentation and review of a high-level framework – designed based on your feedback from Open House #1 and background studies. Q&A to follow.