Virtual Open House No2

Let's Plan

A couple biking in a park with their child

Let’s Make a Weekend Plan

What types of green spaces or outdoor experiences matter to you most? Parks, trails, kids’ play…we want to hear what you envision for your neighbourhood.

A couple walking down a wide pedestrian pathway lined with shops

Let’s Make a Date Night Plan

What are the shops, services and amenities you are looking for? Tell us what you need most for your wellness, weekend and everyday.

Walkable streets for active transportation

Let’s Make a Connected Plan

Let’s create a plan for your journey together. From cycling routes to walking paths, share with us the types of pathways or transportation enhancements needed most.

A low rise building with bike parking

Let’s Make a Design Plan

What design principles are most important to you? If there are architectural elements or housing types you would like to see, tell us! Share an idea or leave a comment.

A senior couple in a community garden

Let’s Make A Green Plan

Sustainability is a key component of the plan. Are there sustainable development measures or standards you would like to see? We want to hear from you.

Plan Dixie Master Plan

A Virtual Open House

Join us for the culminating event to our virtual Open House with a presentation and review of a high-level plan – designed based on your feedback. Q&A to follow.

The Project

The Plan Dixie Project Team will be working closely with the community on a new vision for the property at Dixie Mall that includes a mix of uses – one that brings vibrancy, amenities, green space and architectural elegance. Based on the first engagement with the community, a series of key themes were distilled and will be a driving force in future engagements and throughout the planning process

Woman cashing out at register

We want to reprogram your retail experience with new options, more options and an improved experience for getting there. We want to re-invent where you dine out, or how you get your groceries – bringing amenities to your doorstep.

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Orange bike in rack

More ways to move with improved access for walking, biking and transit riders, leveraging the existing network to seek out opportunities for capacity and safety enhancements.

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Revitalization of the neighbourhood with new public realm experiences offering access to outdoor public space and parks to enhance your everyday.

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Mixed-use housing

A variety of options for a variety of incomes and needs to support a growing city, supported by a walkable public realm and easily accessible community amenities, shops, restaurants and day-to-day services.

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Advancements in design, sustainability and architectural integrity to elevate your surroundings, create places to dwell and delight, and establish a sense of community by bringing people together.

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The Site

Plan Dixie Site Plan
Plan Dixie Site Plan


The Team

We’ve assembled a skilled team of experts to ensure we deliver the very best for the redevelopment of Dixie Outlet Mall.

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Community Engagement

We will continue to work with the City, various stakeholders and community members as we move through the planning process and will provide many opportunities to share your ideas about the future of Dixie Mall.

Group of community members at community meeting
Open House 1

On October 3, 2019, The Plan Dixie Project Team hosted the first Open House for the redevelopment of Dixie Mall, where community members could meet the project team, see a presentation from Giannone Petricone Associates, and provide feedback and ideas.

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site context map with community feedback
OH1 Community Engagement Report

Following the first Open House for the redevelopment of Dixie Mall, The Plan Dixie Project Team reviewed the feedback provided and ideas shared from the community. Key themes include: amenities & services, active transportation, parks & open spaces, housing, and design for future.

Read the Report
community members viewing site context map
Upcoming Community Engagement

There will be a time in the future that we will reopen the Living Room, located within Dixie Mall. It will once again play a role in our community engagement process and be a meeting place for us. We look forward to welcoming you back to the Living Room when the time is right.

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Plan Dixie Community Meeting #1

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